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Managing your mental health in the workplace by Kati Morton

By Kati Morton | Oct 8, 2019

Today I talk about mental health and the workplace. Many of you have reached out and asked me questions about this. How do I tell my boss I need to take time off? What do I do if I have a gap in my employment history due to time in the hospital? Do I have to tell them? So what do we do?

We make sure we only tell them what they need to know. Don't go overboard and share everything you are going through, just let them know that for personal reasons you need some time off. Also, you could say that you weren't working for a year due to a family issue or emergency. It is honestly up to you how much you share and what you tell them. So find your HR department and let them know what's going on and get all the paperwork in order so that you can then focus on yourself and your recovery and treatment.

So reach out to your HR department asap so that you can get the support you need and deserve! We all know we don't operate as well when we are struggling and without any support, so the sooner we reach out the better off we will be!

Please share any experiences you have in the comments. I know that rules and regulations can differ state to state and country to country, so the more we know the better!

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