One Question to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Do

By Farnoosh Brock | Apr 6, 2020

Get Unstuck with this One Question

What to do when you don’t know. You don’t know the next step in a challenge, in a personal or professional struggle? I am going to give you a powerful question that you can ask yourself to get unstuck.

You are an intelligent, resourceful and insightful person. You can solve your own problems.

So let’s give you a scenario. I’m going to be the boss scenario because most of us have bosses at some point or stage in our lives. You don’t know what to do about your boss. You don’t know why she’s acting strange or she’s sending these confusing signals and you are confused.

Here is the question you’re going to ask yourself.

What needs to happen for me to know the next step?

And that gets you thinking about the right scenario, the right environment that you need to create in order to have the answers. For example, you may need some mentoring from somebody in your organization. You may need to consult one of your colleagues because they may have been through the same situation. You may need to feel more confident to go and talk to your boss.

But you don’t see or hear those answers until you ask the question “what needs to happen for me to know what to do next?”.

This is a different answer, a unique situation for all of us and when you ask this question you begin to tap into the answers that you already know.

Remember you are resourceful, you are insightful and you have the answers to your own challenges and problems.

And when you are stuck next time ask yourself what needs to happen for me in this environment in this scenario for me to know the answers that I am looking for.

So next time you’re stuck I hope that this question is going to serve you well. Hope you enjoyed watching this video and I’ll talk to you on the next video…bye!

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