Reactivation and Revival of Existing Customers. | ACHNET

By Kevin Hargraves | Jun 23, 2021

If you've been in business for a while, you know that there are times when you see steady growth and times when your business is stagnant. The truth is, the most cost-effective and fastest way to grow your business without spending a dime is to keep the customers you have and reactivate previous customers. Sound simple? Well, it's probably easier than you think, but a little harder than it sounds.

In this video, business coach Kevin Hargraves shares how businesses can retain current customers and reactivate old ones. Retaining existing customers is much more cost effective than finding and converting new leads. Marketing is often used to attract new customers. However, more attention should be paid to an often overlooked source of prospects and sales: a company's previous efforts. Reactivating customers through marketing is often of great benefit.