Coaching Tip of the Day! Balance between working from home and parenting kids who are home too

By Jillian Arena | Jan 27, 2021
Empowerment Coach Jillian Arena of Intuitive Balance Coaching Gives us her tip of the day: This one is specifically for my mamas out there. A lot of us right now are playing with holding balance between working from home and being a mother to many of our children who are staying home as well. That can be a tough road to navigate. How do we stay engaged with our children and still get what we need to get done, done. A tip I'd offer for that is to make the most of every moment that you have with your children. Get down on their level Active listening! Hear what they saying and then repeat it back to them so they feel like you're fully understood. In this way, you may not be able to spend as much time with them as you're typically used to doing, but all the time that you are spending with them is quality time.