Coaching Tip of the Day! Judgement and the gray area

By Jillian Arena | Jan 27, 2021
Empowerment Coach Jillian Arena of Intuitive Balance Coaching Gives us her tip of the day: We oftentimes find ourselves lost in the judgement of other people. Particularly now with so many different opinions and viewpoints going on in the world. So when you find yourself in a space of judgement, instead of projecting that judgement outward can you look at that as an opportunity for self-inquiry. Can you look at that and say what am I judging? Is it okay for me to have a gray area where I can hold space for this being their truth and it not being mine? When we give ourselves the opportunity to hold a gray area instead of seeing things in black and white, we create an environment where everybody can feel included and we don't have to waste any of our energy on judging other people.