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Top 10 Universities In USA Where You Can Study For Free (Study in USA for Free) Scholarships

By Chetna Vasishth | Apr 6, 2020
Chetna Vasishth | ACHNET

Watch This Video for List of Top 10 USA/American Universities for International Scholarships Where You Can Study FOR FREE! Study Abroad in USA for Free

Find out how to study abroad and get scholarships, list of universities and colleges in US where you can study abroad for free and get study abroad scholarships. Learn how to study abroad for free and get full scholarships to study abroad. Get the top scholarships for international students and the top 10 usa universities for scholarships

Top 10 USA/American Universities for International Scholarships | Study Abroad for Free

There are three main types of funding that undergad students get in the US

1. Financial Aid – which is need based

2. Athletic Scholarships – which are for top athletes and

3. Merit Scholarships

No. 10 - Williams College

They gave full financial aid to about 50-100 international students last year. 60 percent of Williams’ international students receive financial aid from the college of an average amount of $60,000 annually.

No. 9 - Columbia University

They gave $13m in international financial aid to undergraduates. Columbia is ‘Need aware’ - However, if you are highly qualified and they select you, they guarantee to meet 100% of all demonstrated financial need for all four years, regardless of citizenship.


No. 8 - University of Chicago

U Chicago is ‘Need aware’. They are very generous with aid and usually finance the tuition fee, cost of living, books and personal expenses. In addition to financial aid, UChicago offers Merit scholarships are partial-tuition scholarships that may be a single lump-sum award, or a renewable annual award.

No. 7 - Amherst College

Amherst College is a ‘need blind’ school and grant 50 – 100 scholarships averaging $50,000. Over 50% of their student body is on some scholarship.

No. 6 - Washington University at St Louis

Wash-U is ranked within the top 100 universities and offers two large scholarship programs for international students –

1. Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program

2. Danforth Scholars Program

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No. 5 - Yale University

Yale has a ‘need blind’ admission process. They grant about 100 - 150 scholarships each year averaging $49,575. Students who have a family income of less than $65,000 (Rs. 45 lakhs) will have the entire cost financed

No. 4 - MIT

MIT has a ‘need blind’ admission policy and for students with a family income under $80,000 (Rs. 56 lakhs), Given that these top colleges are need blind, the aid is automatic, however these are very competitive schools with highly selective admission policies

No. 3 - Princeton University

Another need blind admission policy. Princeton gives approximately 400 – 500 scholarships each year to international students averaging $50,000 and almost 60 percent of undergraduates receive some financial aid.

No. 2 - New York University

New York University’s Abu Dhabi Campus (NYUAD) provides ‘need blind’ scholarships. It offers financial aid to almost the entire batch of 300 – 400 students of an average amount of $72,000. This includes tuition, foreign travel for study abroad programs, room and board, health insurance, personal expenses, books, and a stipend of about $2,200 p.a. Plus two tickets each year between Abu Dhabi and the student’s country of permanent residence.

No. 1 - Harvard

Harvard has a ‘need blind’ admission policy and for students with a family income under $65,000, they ensure that the student can attend Harvard free. They gave about 500 – 600 scholarships at an average of $59,000