Unconventional Career Advice by Christine Bailey (TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells)

By Dr. Christine Bailey | Feb 6, 2020
Career| Achievers Network

At school, Christine had a great lesson from a teacher who said “we won’t ask permission, we’ll beg forgiveness”. This motivated her to seek out famous mentors whose words inspired her. In this talk she shares how 5 famous quotes have shaped her career.

Produced by Clockhouse Productions, camera and sound team Finlay O'Hara, Lewis Martin, Richard Parke and Nick Rogers

Dr. Christine Bailey is Marketing Director, EMEA & Russia at Cisco Systems and the global lead for Connected Women. She has 25 years’ experience of business to business marketing in the technology sector and a doctorate in customer insight. Chris is an experienced speaker and respected thought leader and is seen regularly in Forbes Women. Passionate about all things digital and social and deeply committed to inclusion & diversity.