ACHNET Power Achiever Amber Pizano Gives Her Review of ACHNET Achiever Network

By Amber Pizano | Jan 27, 2021
Hi, I'm Amber Pizano and I'm a proud member of the ACHNET community of highly successful Achievers. I had been on the platform for a few months now and I hadn't been on it just a few weeks when I was actually recruited through it. And that's because I'd really spent the time building out my profile and building my 360 resume. So video resume. A whole professional timeline of my career... not just where I worked but what were my projects, what were my wins. What campaigns, awards... a really holistic view of who I was- along with peer recommendations. I was given the feedback that that was what really set me apart from the competition. Companies are getting savvier in their hiring. It's not just so much who did they like in the interview and hopes that they have the skills and capabilities for the role. They're really looking deeper these days into a person's professional credibility and personal brand. So building a profile on ACHNET helps you do that while increasing your visibility with prospective employers who can now see a true 360-degree view into who you are and what you're capable of. I've also taken advantage of their large community of internationally certified coaches. I have been working with a coach on leaning in and my professional leadership presence. It's really been great. You can use it from entering the workforce and navigating the workplace politics to advancing the corporate ladder and executive leadership training. It's a way to walk you through your career from any point to retirement. I'm really happy to have engaged with them. I'm kind of at the mid-career level and I only wish I knew about them earlier, it's such a great career resource. I couldn't be happier as a member of the ACHNET community. I have seen such real personal value, having built my profile and really established my professional credibility using the ACHNET platform. Having been recruited through it, I've used email and video conferencing, social integrations, the personality assessment, the coaches. I'm really a superuser. So um I really wanted to put the word out there. I've already told all my peers, colleagues, and friends to get on board because it's truly becoming a moment. And I just love being with the latest technology and platforms that help with professional development and career growth. I can't recommend it enough and hope that you experience all the benefits and values that are there. There, there's so much.