Why women employees make great leaders

By Amber Pizano | Jun 25, 2021

Amber Pizano AVP of Marketing at ACHNET Inc. shares her thoughts on why female employees make great leaders.

Over the past few decades, women have worked to change their roles in the workplace. Women in business bring an important perspective to a company and are often exceptionally talented at what they do. Because of this and changing cultural norms, we are seeing more women-owned businesses, more women in leadership positions, more women running startup companies, and an overall closing of the gender gap. With these shifts in business culture, it is becoming even more apparent that women in business, and especially women in leadership positions, are beneficial to both companies and individuals, both men and women.

They show the leadership qualities they already possess that just need to be brought out among executives. Women tend to be more concerned with the well-being of their colleagues and employees, which makes them more approachable and understanding. Female employees are endowed with emotional intelligence and leadership acumen.

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